Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hello, 2017

Looking back over the years, only a handful of people have taken photos for my blog. My best friend, my sister, my dad. I think it stems from my own self-consciousness of how particular I can be about my blog photos. Which is why friends who love photography are a gift. Because you can convince them to take outfit pictures and not feel bad about dragging them to three different locations before finding the right background. Or giving them extremely specific requests on the exact sitting-standing photo ratio needed for a balanced post. 

Starting off 2017, I have found my own, female Bill Cunningham. Thank you to my loyal, artistic, bad ass roommate and friend, Charlotte. You rock. 

Ps. The truth is… I almost never stick to new years resolutions. Either they’re too ambitious to actually complete, or I innocently forget after 2 months. So this year I’m making New Years Predictions. In my family, who will get married, get pregnant? Of my friends, who will get an amazing opportunity, who will I grow closer with, who will be much happier than in 2016? I'm ready to find out.

Hello, 2017!

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