Welcome to Beth's Laundry. 

The idea for Beth's Laundry started in a Starbucks my sophomore year of high school. Me with my peppermint mocha and my sister with her chai something or other, we sat down and dreamed up all the things this blog would be. And for a while, it was a fashion diary, a digital look book documenting moments of my life told through my outfits. 

However... a few things have changed since then. 

I've swapped classrooms for university lecture halls, replaced chain coffeeshops for independent ones, and now blog for myself and for fashion companies that want to get their brand out there. 

I'm a 19 year old aspiring fashion business professional. To simplify, I am interested in the fashion industry, but I don't know yet which role I'd like to fill. I'm chasing my dreams, despite how big they seem right now. 

My future is a blank page, and through this blog I intend to write it. 

If you have any inquiries about BL or just want to chat about Ed Sheeran's new album then feel free to InstagramFacebookor send me an email at bethschaller98 [at] gmail [dot] com.