Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tortoise Rims: Spring Sunnies from Warby Parker

It might be midway through March, but the 24 degree Illinois climate has had me daydreaming and looking forward to better times -- filled with sunshine, warm weather, and new spring clothes. Each year, in anticipation of spring break, I plan my outfits weeks in advance. I list every jumpsuit, jacket, and pair of boots needed for a fashionable vacation, but I always struggle with one ensemble: my travel outfit. This prompts the question, "What is it about actresses and off-runway models that makes them look so stylish after a six-hour flight?" The answer? A trendy pair of sunglasses. This season, I'm going to sport vintage feel, 70s inspired sunnies, like these flat-brow ones from Warby Parker's newest collection (it launched on Tuesday, check it out!!) I've always had a soft spot for tortoiseshell frames, and I've been ogling this pair for a while. When I'm wearing this style, I always feel creative and dauntless, ready for anything. Warby Parker's entire Spring '17 Collection is feel-good and embraces the inner wanderlust in all of us. Their collection is inspired by those in-the-moment adventures we all dream of. Right now, in Illinois, all I can do is dream, but Spring Break 2017 is finally here. California, I am ready for you and your enviable LAX moving walkway style in this urban chic look. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hello, 2017

Looking back over the years, only a handful of people have taken photos for my blog. My best friend, my sister, my dad. I think it stems from my own self-consciousness of how particular I can be about my blog photos. Which is why friends who love photography are a gift. Because you can convince them to take outfit pictures and not feel bad about dragging them to three different locations before finding the right background. Or giving them extremely specific requests on the exact sitting-standing photo ratio needed for a balanced post. 

Starting off 2017, I have found my own, female Bill Cunningham. Thank you to my loyal, artistic, bad ass roommate and friend, Charlotte. You rock. 

Ps. The truth is… I almost never stick to new years resolutions. Either they’re too ambitious to actually complete, or I innocently forget after 2 months. So this year I’m making New Years Predictions. In my family, who will get married, get pregnant? Of my friends, who will get an amazing opportunity, who will I grow closer with, who will be much happier than in 2016? I'm ready to find out.

Hello, 2017!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Fall Things

I’m so excited about this fall. Last fall was the best of my life: the weather was insanely perfect and lasted into mid December, I got introduced to fall fashion at Aritzia, and I submitted my application to the University of Illinois! This year, though, I’m pretty sure has topped all that. I boxed up my life and took it to Champaign, IL and became an Illini, I met amazing humans purposefully placed in my life by God, and I was offered the Operational Vice President position in my collegiate fashion club. So many things happened to me this season, good and bad. I grew so much. 

That’s why, I wanted to identify my #fallfrugalfun activities for those of us on a small budget. Of course, my favorite thing to do is put on a million layers and take blog pictures with my best friends (thank you Shannon for modeling for this post), but here is a list of my other favorites: 

  • Long Walks 

Whether in a nearby forest preserve or in a local downtown area, long walks are so beautiful in the fall, and they cost nothing! I love to bundle up in a turtleneck sweater and black jeans (obviously) with my big diamond mosaic scarf from Aritzia. Once there’s no possible area of skin for the cold to touch, I can focus on my company, if I go with someone else, or just spend time thinking about myself and the world. 

  • Holiday Performances

During this time of the year, almost every school and local church hosts a holiday concert. Since I’m one of the few people supporting holiday music on Nov. 1st, for me, it’s arguably the best part of the season. I make a point of trying to attend as many free performances as possible. Shout out to Hinsdale Central, my alma mater, for putting on such an inspiring show last night! 

  • Coffee Shops

Even if you’re drinking coffee alone, sitting at a coffee shop for hours is a great feeling. The social ambiance gives you the energy of other people around, and there’s the possibility of new connections. Different people come in and out in a hurry, but you are not subject to the clock. Sitting at a large table and working on work or reading a book in an aesthetically appealing environment is an unparalleled experience. And it only costs as much as one Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

  • Pumpkin Patches

When I was little it was Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm, now it’s Curtis Apple Orchard. Regardless, I alway try to make it to a local farm at least once during the fall. Being surrounded by thousands of families and friends making memories is something special. You can buy apple cider donuts, pick out a perfect pumpkin, and take artsy, seasonal pictures. Most farms only cost 10-12 dollars to enter, which is perfect while saving up a holiday budget! 

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

First (College) Thanksgiving

While this Thanksgiving Break has been much-needed and very relaxing, I'm ready for it to be over. Since I'm at home another four days, I've decided to reflect on what I'm most thankful for in terms of my first semester of freshman year. My mind immediately buzzes with hundreds of lovable things about college, but there are three aspects I am eager to go back for. 

1. My sisters 
I gained an infinite number of sisters this semester, in two different capacities. I became a believer this fall, and now I walk with my sisters in Christ. The people I have met through CRU, a Christian organization on the University of Illinois' campus, have shown me unconditional love and acceptance, something I miss being constantly surrounded by everyday. I also received 200+ beautiful sorority sisters through Alpha Delta Pi. Being in a sorority was not something I always wanted to do. However, joining the same Greek organization as my real sister, Katie, was the best decision I could have made. My ADPi sisters are kind, humble, ambitious, and their positive spirit is infectious. I can't wait to return to them all soon. 

2. The IKE 
Some say that home is not a place but a person. Despite this, I have found a home in the IKE. My most treasured moments of freshman year so far have happened while studying, eating, and goofing off in that wonderful building. I owe my straight As and coffee addiction to the Cafinator. Most importantly, I am excited to resume my 2 AM "study sessions". 

3. The Roomie 
I'm not going to get too gross because I know Cgraham4 won't like it, but I have the best roommate ever. We are asked "Are you guys twins?" on the daily, and we love it. Her finsta can detail all this for you alongside comical interpretations, but we have had some amazing times (from our monthly horror movie night or our renditions of the Clay Aiken anthem "Invisible"). I miss having a therapist in the next bed over. I am so ready to be back with the 336A to my 336B.