Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gifted Denim

There's one undeniable perk of working for a leading fashion retailer. Besides the global recognition, endless outfit inspiration, and celebrity supporters, the best part is the people you work with/around. If you build great relationships and have a little luck, the best coworkers will grant you access to their unwanted clothes. 

Aside from their dashing looks and charming personalities, my coworkers at Aritzia have the ultimate #closetgoals 🙌🏼. I, on the recent hunt to acquire the perfect street style, have been begging like a small pup, for the slightest scrap of minimalist wisdom. 

Thanks to a special bug that I love (aka Anika) I was gifted this pair of hand-hemmed cut off jeans from Aritzia's 2014 collection. 

Finally! I'm on my way to having the perfect denim closet. 

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