Saturday, June 18, 2016

Logan Square

Would I really trade my big bed and large, cosy house for a conjoined sleeping and dining room in a small apartment? Obviously the answer is YES. If it had an outside aesthetic as cool as the ones in Logan Square. 

As a little pre-birthday dinner with the soon-to-be twenty-one year old, I traveled down to this little lady's neck of the woods and had SO MUCH FUN. I've never been one for thrifting, so the Urban Surplus downtown (our first stop) was like finding a stylish needle in an overwhelming, grungy haystack . But don't worry, I quickly mastered the art of selection and found THE raddest pair of lace up, pointed-toe boots ever. I can't wait to strut my fashionable feet up and down the Illinois campus this fall.

Ps. Happy Birthday Anika! So glad my mom wouldn't pick me up when it was raining, and you had to give me a ride in front of Shanna! 

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