Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Break From the Hiatus

The hiatus is over! In the last two weeks I have had some wild adventures. Specifically, the week leading up to the Fourth of July was spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an old friend. We enjoyed the days while fly fishing, hiking, eating delicious foods, and just hanging out. Did you know AT&T doesn't get cell reception in NM? I didn't until I got there. I spent the entire week without a phone call home or a social media update (hence the absence of updates on Beth's Laundry).  But I'm back now with full bars! 
Today, July 12th, is the final day of Taste of Chicago. My family spent our free time tasting the best food the city offers. I tasted sweet, savory, spicy, and sour foods from a huge variety of vendors. My favorite? The sea salt caramel gelato (courtesy of Mariano's)! Unfortunately, I am inevitably going to have to work off all the calories consumed in the last 3 hours, but I'm convinced it was worth it!
The most important decision about today's outfit was being prepared for any of the weather changes Chicago endures during our summers. I wanted to have a loose fitting top that gave my torso room to breath (especially leaving room for a food baby)! I chose my olive green gingham top from ZARA and paired it with denim cut offs and my white Keds. My suede purse (also ZARA) concealed my tickets for the festival. 

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