Sunday, June 28, 2015

Les Misérables

I wore this romper last night when I went to see Les Misérables at Nazareth Academy. I don’t usually buy an item of clothing this short, but I loved the unique stitching on the V of the collar, so I decided to make an exception. Plus, its incredibly comfy and can easily be dressed up or down. On this particular night I dressed it up with my grey, structured blazer. I wanted a more edgy look, so I paired it with my navy velvet choker and my blue suede shoes. 
Anyway, the performance was great! My best friend Shannon played the role of Cosette and blew the roof off the auditorium with her beautiful voice. I was amazed by the amount of talent on stage. Sometimes, seeing your entire community perform a great show is more enjoyable than a professional cast in the city. I am constantly in awe of the incredible dancers and singers that grow up in my town. And getting to congratulate your friends back stage is ten times better than waiting by the stage door for the stars to come out! 

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