Monday, July 25, 2016

Pizza Dream

I know, I know. Philadelphia is known for their world-famous Philly cheesteaks and that you have to get one from either Pat's or Geno's. But that didn't stop me from instead visiting every pizzeria within range of 3rd and Market Street this weekend. 

Two establishments gave Chicago-style pizza a run for its money (not surpassing it, of course)-- Pizza Brain and Big Ass Slices. 

Pizza Brain has pizza AND decor that is on point. This mural, filled with historical figures in their underwear, redefines your definition of the American Dream. I too, dream of lounging around all day eating pizza with my BF (Ben Franklin). 

Big Ass Slices, though, THERE ARE NO WORDS. Except maybe "thank you". Thank you for truly living up to your name. For those 2 A.M post-concert munchies, B.A.S lets you eat a quarter of a pizza by yourself and not feel ashamed. 

Ps. 99 degree weather + everything within walking distance = disapointing footwear. So, a photo of my use-to-be-white-but-are-now-brown converse is N/A. 

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