Sunday, April 17, 2016

Honky-Tonk Hipster

I spent a measly four days in Nashville, Tennessee with my choir family but it was an unreal experience. The energy of the city and its people turn day into night with the aura of classic American sights and sounds.

The southern hospitality was on point, and paired with the incredible live music (Two Way Crossing- check them out!) and delicious foods (Jack's BBQ) it made Nashville the best trip I've ever taken. On day two, we visited the Parthenon and it was a great background for all these cute photos. I know they say pictures speak a thousand words but these pictures don't say enough about all the fun we had this weekend. 

PSA- Stylish tote bags are in! Well idk if they're high fashion, but everyone in the cities are sporting them. They're cool, and hold so much stuff. Fashion was a must this weekend, and I made sure to cross my hipster look with country vibes. 

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