Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Subtle Seventies

Every season, a specific decade takes over the runways at fashion week. This fall, it was a close competition between the mod 60s and the risky 70s, and the latter won out. While I don't expect to see my entire community rocking bell bottoms any time soon, I know they will be staying on trend wether they know it or not. Subtle touches of retro shapes, an abundance of denim, and flared silhouettes are being slowly infused into the malls for back to school (BTS). 
This season at Aritzia I am so proud of the product I am selling to our customers. Every garment on our racks takes vintage to the next level by constructing the pieces with clean hems and stitching. It's so fun to help wardrobe all the students coming in to restock for BTS. I can't wait to do my shopping at Aritzia in a few days! It's gunna be a shopping haul for the record books.

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