Sunday, June 7, 2015

Airport Blogging

I got this floral blazer from Aritzia months ago, and it has quickly become my favorite item in my closet. It makes any outfit proudly sophisticated and chic, yet it looks relaxed and makes me look approachable. I have been blessed with the opportunity to interview, on Monday,  for a job at Aritzia. I am beyond excited to (possibly...cross your fingers!) work at my favorite boutique! I love the quality of their clothes and the importance of customer service to their employees. I always feel smarter and more fashionable after going in because the atmosphere is so trendy and comfortable. 
Side note: I'm currently sitting at a Philadelphia airport waiting to return to The Dale (Hinsdale), and I can't help but notice the high number of hipster travelers sipping their coffee in cutoffs and beat up converse. I worship you all: please teach me the way of your style kind! 

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