Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sweet Home Chicago

Welcome home, Lord Stanley! I was privileged enough to experience a dynasty being built last night at United Center. Walking into the stadium and seeing the ice was surreal; It was a moment I will never forget. As I walked in to the beat of the music, I could feel that history was being made. The night started off with a bang as Jim Corneilson sang the National Anthem. Being a choir kid, it was truly magical to see him sing. His voice accompanied the roar of cheers and screams of all the fans in the stadium. Every breakaway and every point scored by the Blackhawks only made the noise in the stadium louder! The Hawks controlled the ice all night which made the game even more enjoyable. Somehow the food tasted better and the people were sweeter. Finally, as the buzzer sounded and "Chelsea Dagger" ringed in my ears, it was over. Hawks won 2-0! The night was made even better when I raced home to join my friends in the TP-ing of Coach Q's house. What a great city to grow up in... Sweet home Chicago!

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  1. Wow! So so so jealous you got to be there! I too am a HUGE Blackhawks fan, love these pictures!
    - Jessica
    Miss Moore Style